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Tips on Maintaining Healthy Eyesight

Tips on Maintaining Healthy Eyesight

An underrated ingredient of a good quality of life is healthy eyesight.

As many as one in six adults struggle with sight-threatening eye conditions and far more than that live with some level of vision loss as they get older. Age is a risk factor for many of the major causes of blindness, including glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, and cataracts, but there’s a lot we can do to minimize our chances of developing these conditions.

Safe Night Driving

Good Practices for Safe Night Driving

The shorter days of winter inevitably lead to more night driving than in the other seasons.

Those of us without perfect eyesight may find it a stressful adjustment each year. It can even be a dangerous one if we don’t take the dangers of night driving into consideration. We can make a big difference in our lives and the lives of those we pass on the road with a few basic precautions.